About the Firm

The Law Office of Pamela Jo Hatley is dedicated exclusively to the practice of real estate, land use, and environmental law in Florida. With deep roots in Hillsborough County, our practice areas reflect not just what we do, but how we think about our environment and our community.

Maintaining a broad, integrative perspective

Our practice is committed to maintaining a broad perspective. We consider not only the legal details of the case before us, but also how the circumstances and facts of the case mesh with the bigger picture in the context of relationships that involve adjacent property owners, local businesses, and the community as a whole.

To this end, we view land as not just a commodity, but as an essential resource. We support and advocate for our clients with a deep understanding and respect for property rights, with a focus on sustainable development and redevelopment, and with an eye toward not just short-term economic benefit, but long-term benefit to property owners, end users, the environment, and the broader community. We work to help our clients define and protect their property rights, promote and create responsible growth in appropriate places, and protect rural and environmentally sensitive lands from inappropriate development.

Our deep understanding and respect for property rights, the land, the community, and the relationships among neighbors, land owners, and business owners informs every aspect of our practice.

Straightforward counsel and personalized service

The firm's culture of respect transfers to to our relationships with our clients. We are honored by our clients' trust in our service, and every aspect of our work is geared toward being worthy of that trust. We are committed to providing personalized service at a good value. Pamela Jo Hatley understands that her clients are relying on her particular knowledge and skill in their representation. 

Pamela also has a reputation for honesty and straight dealing, and advocating skillfully on her clients' behalf. She and the firm are committed to helping clients understand, define, and protect their property rights during transactions, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and administrative proceedings. 

We invite you to explore the firm's website to learn more about Pamela Jo Hatley, the firm, and the services we provide, and to contact us at (813) 978-1480 or info@pamelajohatley.com to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.