Environmental and Land Use

Environmental and Land Us…

Like most Floridians, Pamela values both the economic growth and well-being of the state and its precious natural resources. She believes that with forethought and careful planning, growth and conservation need not be mutually exclusive interests.

Work with Property Owners and Developers

As an environmental and land use attorney, Pamela Jo Hatley represents community-minded property owners who wish to use and develop their land in a way that is consistent with principles of sustainable development and redevelopment. Pamela works with landowners and developers to contribute to the economic vibrancy of their communities while remaining true to the nature and character of the area.

Pamela has a doctorate in Geography and Environmental Science and Policy in addition to her law degree. Through her doctoral research in community-based planning she gained a great depth of understanding of planning and growth management in general, and Florida land use issues in particular. She has over a decade of experience representing clients before local governing boards and local and state regulatory agencies on issues such as:

  • Florida Community Planning Act
  • State and local comprehensive planning
  • Zoning
  • Alcoholic beverage zoning and licensing
  • Special use, conditional use, and variance processes
  • Platting and subdivision law
  • Site plans
  • Code enforcement issues
  • Community-based planning
  • Sustainable development
  • Brownfields and redevelopment
  • Historic preservation
  • Land use litigation

Work with Communities

Pamela also serves as an advocate for citizens who wish to become involved at the local government level regarding issues that impact their communities, including land use concerns such as planning, rezoning, water management, and transportation. She works with neighborhood groups, civic organizations, and individuals, helping them navigate local government land use processes to ensure that their participation in such processes will be effective and meaningful. Pamela helps individuals and groups understand how to present their reasonable concerns and relevant evidence to government and regulatory boards. In this way, citizens can participate effectively in governmental processes and have a measure of control over the development of their communities.

We invite you to explore the firm's website to learn more about Pamela Jo Hatley, the firm, and the services we provide, and to contact us at (813) 978-1480 or info@pamelajohatley.com to schedule a consultation regarding your Florida land use matter. We look forward to working with you.