Litigation can be an expensive, lengthy, and inefficient process. It always involves risk because the process and outcome are usually unpredictable. With litigation, a judge or jury decides how to resolve the parties’ dispute.

However, the parties involved in a dispute know the facts and understand the issues related to their underlying conflict better than any judge or jury ever could. Because of this, the parties themselves are in the best position to identify their common interests and formulate a mutually beneficial resolution.

Alternative dispute resolution involves effective and efficient approaches that avoid the cost and risk of litigation. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which a neutral professional assists the parties in identifying their mutual interests and concerns, and crafting a resolution they can live with. With mediation the parties always control the outcome, and thus avoid the expense, risk, and unpredictability of litigation.

Pamela Jo Hatley has represented her own clients in dozens of mediations, negotiating settlements to address disputes and underlying conflicts while protecting her clients’ interests. In 2011 Pamela became a certified mediator, and she is qualified to serve as a professional neutral in assisting parties to explore creative, collaborative settlement alternatives that address their mutual interests and concerns. Pamela is available to mediate in the areas of real property law, property rights including boundary, easement, partition, and title issues, land use disputes, and homeowners or condominium owner association disputes.

The office of Pamela Jo Hatley PA and the Conflict Resolution Center has convenient facilities with two comfortable private caucus rooms, and a large conference meeting room. Pamela will also travel to other locations at the convenience of the parties.

Contact our office at (813) 978-1480 or to schedule your mediation conference. We look forward to working with you.